About us

In the healing process our doctors and therapists from the different fields eastern or western medicine cooperate in the best interest of our clients. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the symptoms and get to the root of all the dysfunctions causing them to achieve total recovery, becoming healthy and happy.

We have great experiences and results in:

  • musculoskeletal deficiencies – spine, pelvis, joints, sports injuries
  • chronic pain
  • allergies – food, hay fever, asthma, acne
  • cardiovascular diseases – blood pressure issues, stroke rehabilitation.
  • diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders
  • digestion dysfunctions, gluten resistance, chronic diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • gynecological issues, fertility disorders
  • emotional problems – depression, sleeping disorders, chronic exhaustion, stress, panic attacks
  • autoimmune illnesses, supplementary treatments of cancer