Acupuncture is the most well-known branch of Chinese medicine, looking back on decades of healing experience. Therefore it is a tried and efficient healing method.

In the far-east numerous acupunctural hospitals operate and treat all types of diseases with this method. Although Western healing techniques have proved to be more efficient in emergency medicine, several studies show that acupuncture therapy leads to better results in the case of chronic diseases, i.e. allergy, asthma or chronic skeletal illnesses.

Acupuncture is especially suitable for conditions such as migraine or irritable colon syndrome, where no organ dysfunction can be detected with western medical examinations. The reason of this phenomenon is that acupuncture treats and heals the subtle changes in energy levels at an earlier stage, before the detectable organ damage appears.

Laser therapy is an efficient method for the subtle biostimulation of the body. It is highly effective in skeletal disorders, chronic pain relief and inflammatory conditions.