Give up smoking!

Today is the day, when you can finally quit smoking!

All smokers try to quit from time to time, you probably had previous attempts as well. As most smokers, you probably had days, weeks, even months when you could resist lighting a cigarette. Then one day you just fell out of balance and lost the daily struggle. Another battle lost against cigarettes.

At East-West Healing we offer you a completely new approach in this ever lasting war against smoking. With the help of the complex therapy assembled by our specialists you can triumph over your enemy with a dual strike: by eradicating your nicotine addiction and eliminating your strong mental dependence at the same time.

Elements of the therapy

  • Assessment
  • Helps in understanding your personal smoking habits and the underlying physical, mental and emotional factors. It also covers the probable effects of breaking this habit.
  • Ear-acupuncture therapy
  • A very effective and acknowledged method for the treatment of addictions, in this case nicotine addiction and it also has a strong detoxifying effect, thus it helps the emptying of nicotine reserves from the tissues of the body.
  • Complementary homeopathic medication and personal training
  • Includes the learning of specific breathing techniques and exercises fitted to the individual, for the purpose of dealing with the urge to smoke.

Practical information

The time necessity of the East-West therapy is 2 hours.

The ear-acupuncture therapy is performed in a lying position and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Acupunctural points on the ear and throughout the body are stimulated in order to help the fast elimination of accumulated nicotine from the tissues and moderate the craving for nicotine. It is important that you should not smoke 6 hours prior to the therapy.

The most important component of the therapy is the learning of specific breathing exercises and stimulating techniques that help the patient in overcoming the need to smoke by building up a new coping technique. To prevent the early side effects of nicotine withdrawal (such as anxiety, irritability, sleeping disorders and temporary aggravating coughing) the therapist suggests homeopathic medication according to the requirement of the patient. The price does not include the medication, for they need to be ordered specifically for each individual.

The price of the complete therapy: 16 500 HUF per person

We offer a 10% discount for small groups (3-5 people).

Registration and scheduling an appointment is required for the therapy.

Contact information

H-1061 Budapest, Király utca 16. V.em.

Opening hours:  M-F  7:00 - 21:00
   Sat  8:30 - 16:30

telephone: (+36 1) 9514672

mobile: (+36 20) 2297594


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