Here at East-West healing center we believe that an illness is no other than a vital sign. Not an enemy that needs to be defeated, but a guidance that sheds light upon malevolent changes in your body.

Our experiences

Our healers are dedicated to helping you in understanding the source of these changes, by reaching back to the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine. East-West healing center offers the wisdom of Chinese medicine and a large variety of healing techniques for all who decide to take action for their health and well-being.

Our personal experience

For the past centuries Eastern and Western healing techniques have drifted apart and developed in different directions. Our health center aims to form a bridge between the two medical approaches by respecting the accomplishments and values of each technique and understanding that they can support and complement one another to create a wholesome approach, providing the patients the best opportunity for healing. Thanks to the four keystones of our therapeutic methods (Chinese medicine, shiatsu, western medicine and homeopathy) the chance of healing is multiplied.