Massage therapies

Massages are effective additions to other healing techniques, in many cases they can even be used as independent therapies. They play a significant role in prevention by regulating the energetic interference before the concrete physical illness appears.

Our experiences

General physical-mental effects of massage:

  • releases stress, anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders,
  • activates our self-healing power,
  • increases the flexibility of tendons and joints,
  • releases muscle tension by recalling the state of full relaxation,
  • regulates blood pressure,
  • it has a beneficial effect on the skin by nourishing and rejuvenating it,
  • it has a positive effect on the regulation of blood and lymph circulation, 
  • balances the energy level of the organism,
  • optimizes the operation of the immune system,
  • balances the operation of the left and right brain hemisphere,
  • frees breathing,
  • assists in processing traumatic events,
  • it can help bringing to surface memories, recognitions and insights kept deep in the physical body,
  • we can experience ourselves and the beauty of life more deeply,
  • increases self-awareness, self-confidence and intuitive abilities,
  • we can get free of negative emotions stopping us from a full and happy life (fear, anger, jealousy, shame, worries)