Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing technique, based on the principles of Chinese medicine and Zen. This method is based on creating alteration in the energetic system of the human body by touch. The original meaning of the word shiatsu is “finger pressure” or in a wider interpretation “the directing of energy”.

Shiatsu therapists don’t only use intellectual knowledge to compose a session, they also follow their intuition to perceive and truly resonate to the situation of the patient. Shiatsu uses a large variety of techniques including the subtle readjustment of bony structures, influencing energy channels, healing of internal organs and reorganizing the function and energy of chakras.

The beneficial effects of the therapy embrace the whole personality of the individual. Every session is unique, completely adjusted to the momentary needs of the patient. A therapeutic cycle can consist of one or two sessions, in which case the aim is to resolve smaller imbalances or eight to ten sessions for the treatment of chronic diseases.

According to the Japanese traditions, a shiatsu therapy is recommended at every change of the seasons, to ensure the adjustment of the body to the inevitable alterations.

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